paper, wood, nails, Styrofoam, glass

100 x 70 cm, each


The exhibit shows a series of works titled Pinpointing.

It includes a series of quotes, scientific reports, observations, and conclusions on different experiments.

The chosen texts were chosen, printed on paper, and then laser-cut, letter by letter. These "independent" letters are then put back together and pinned onto a surface.

The setup of the exhibit resembles setups of entomological collections.

The title has two meanings: it can be understood as a literal description of the works (pinned down) or as a description of the content itself (an ironic attitude in which all scientific conclusions are presented as speculation and trying to pinpoint things).

Even though these texts are easy to understand and clear, there’s no real connection between them. The audience is left to speculate and try to pinpoint the very essence of the work.

The artist consciously put himself in the position of someone who wouldn't be understood. Someone who can't pinpoint anything about art.

Misunderstanding and lack of understanding are the real triggers for dialogue with the audience.