Thoughts for March is an ambient/light installation consisting of 16 light objects which light up alternately.

Materials, dimensions, forms, and placement of these objects are variable and each of these objects is carrying a text message/thought that can be interpreted in a couple of ways, and the spectator should choose how to interpret them.

The title of this work reflects the work "Thoughts for Months" by the Gorgona art group.

This show originally took place in March, which finally defined its title.

Chosen thoughts:

- What were you thinking

- It doesn't matter now

- What more do you want

- No reason to be afraid

- What are you willing to lose

- The unconscious is history

- Done with generosity

- The middle is everywhere

- Senseless explanations

- Imagine the shame

- Such luck

- Save your opinion

- What the hell is wrong with you

- Now is a good time

- The worst is now behind us

- Everything else is life