iron, wood, plastic, loudspeakers, audio amplifier, wire

audio, 34 channels, 60'  each, loop


The audio-visual environmental installation Jungle consists of 34 270-cm tall metal towers, at the tops of which are fixed horn speakers, used for reproduction and the amplification of the sound.

The sound, which is unintelligible and pretty irritating, derives from the reproduction of authentic audio recordings of celebrated speeches by historically important persons who set their stamp on the last century.

Processing these orations in the studio, synchronizing and a reshaping them, the artist has in the editing, at regular intervals, alternated normal speech and speech with modifications.

In consequence of the large number of speeches that are reproduced at the same time, the space is in thrall to acoustic chaos, where the individual speech is impossible to understand, just as it is impossible to set up any scale of values and differentiation.

The babble is interrupted when one of the speakers starts to repeat a single sound or syllable, the others soon following or imitating.

These inarticulate and pointless utterances are the only moment when everyone is speaking the same language, after which they go on with their own thing.