wood, fabric, microphone


Any Colour You Like is an installation meant to question the relations of identities: personal, national, cultural, political.

Seven stages with rostrums and microphones are placed in the gallery, with waving flags behind them. Each group (stage, rostrum, flag) has its color: blue, red, yellow, white, black, green, and pink.

While I was staying in Canada, we often discussed identity. Apart from your presumed identities (citizenship, religion…), we spoke of presumed identities and free choices, identifying with certain groups (rock, punk, vegan…), and of political orientation as an important part of one’s own identity. I noticed how representing your points of view can often exclude other people’s opinions.

The gallery space was thus transformed into space for free speech.

Each color stands for a political or social orientation: blue – the right; red – the left; yellow – liberal; white – pacifist; black – extreme right, anarchy; green – ecology; pink – gender issues and sexuality.

Visitors can choose their stage according to their point of view or their aesthetic preference and they are invited to hold a speech.

Now that we are equipped for a public speech, the question remains: do we dare speak (up)?