cardboard, adhesive tape, 300 x 300 x 280 cm


text for catalog:

To open a private gallery that will promote and exhibit contemporary art cannot be considered the wisest thing today. We might even call it insanity! This is exactly what Božidar Jurjevic decided to do.

From the very beginning Božidar has been doing the best he can to keep the program running. Most of his work can be characterized as improvisation, not a planned strategy. Some might say: Nothing new, nothing unusual... We are witnessing improvisation on all levels of society, politics and economics!

I placed a construction made of cardboard tubes in the middle of Božidar's gallery. The tubes are wrapped with brown self-adhesive tape. The fragile construction supports the ceiling and prevents it from falling down.

The support is symbolic: it symbolizes my support for (Božidar's) persistence, inspite of everything.

Maybe it will hold.