nine years after one of my first solo exhibitions, DON'T WORRY, EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL, I was again invited to exhibit at the same gallery

the starting point for this work was my reflection on the work that I first exhibited at the gallery, and the position of the (then) unrecognized author and the (presently) affirmed artist

I omitted the first part of first exhibition's title, now stating that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL

the title sounds reassuring

the ultimate aim of every action is to control the situation; the unpredictability is unwanted

my career as an exhibiting artist, viewed through the prism of insecurity and uncertainty, is now replaced with the attitude of ultimate and absolute control over my actions / career

the evidence can be found in the work that I am exhibiting

everything starts when I roll three dices. I write down the combination of numbers and keep rolling the dices until I get the same combination again. Along the way, I write down all other combinations of numbers

once the cycle is "closed", I count how many times I got a single number and every of the possible combinations

I do a statistical representation of my results, with charts and graphs

I toss the dices again and repeat the action with a new combination of numbers

although the number of possible combinations is limited, the final outcome is uncertain

coincidence control is an illusory goal; regardless of how much one is devoted to the work, the result is impossible to predict

a bunch of seemingly useless calculations confirms the uselessness of the action