the exhibition at the Waldinger Gallery in Osijek is a part of the series of exhibitions in which I dwell upon art and deal with art-related topics

I focused on the conceptual approach, which is my basic principle of work

my initial impetus was the fact that this is my first exhibition in Osijek and that the public there doesn't know me well

I don't know much about the situation in Osijek, so I couldn't refer to a specific situation or context

misunderstanding is the starting point of interaction with the audience; the audience doesn't know what I'm thinking, I don't know how the audience is thinking

I made a series of works that, visually, don't lead to a specific conclusion or transmit a particular message; then I disassociated myself from any explanation of the work

I also distanced myself from the text in the catalogue and the possible interpretations of the works described

I tried to animate the visitors to think about the exhibited works; they hold the key to their understanding

whatever their conclusion is - it's not correct, because I didn't mean like that!

the myth of the crazy, wacky artist who no-one understands

voluntarily taking that role

conversations that I had at the opening of the exhibition offered a completely new vision of works from those I had when I created them