four hundred and four different words in English language

each word is comprised of four letters

each fourth word is “four”

monotonous, bureaucratic rhythm

the words loose their meaning

there are four forms of the work


- a list of all words that were used - the fact


- one word on each page

- each word is information in itself

- it is not possible to make associations and

connections between words

- a reader is only a passive consumer


- each word appears on the screen for a second

- there is enough time to read and understand the word, but because of constant, fast exchange of words (“bombing”) there is not enough time to remember the words - a viewer is only a passive consumer


- words appear on the computer screen as they do on the video

- it is possible to interrupt the program and enter the file in which one can make changes in the pattern of words and thus affect the order in which they appear on the screen

- there is a possibility of creating one’s own version of the work

- the viewer is no longer a passive consumer, but is able to create his/her own “facts” and “truths”

- data are manipulated with by using various media