On réalise que l'on a tout perdu is a series of works created during my sta yin Rennes, France.

Taken out of my everyday context, in a completely new environment, I've decided to take this situation of a foreign body in a foreign ambient and adopt it as a model, a subject.

I was also interested in the relationship between the public and private spaces; between one's own intimacy and their tendency to peer into other people's privacies; between indifference and curiosity.

The popular song Non, je ne regrette rien and movie/TV show scripts have inspired me to do this.

Excerpts from the song and movie announcements – text templates that describe intimate events between anonymous protagonists were made as:

a) a series of stickers distributed along the city center

b) a projection on the media façade of the youth information center (Centre régional information jeunesse) – a video whose structure and form resemble promo materials that are usually displayed there

c) a projection in front of the museum of fine arts (Musée des Beaux-Arts) – text “I REGRET NOTHING”

d) audio ambient-texts that I’ve used were made into sound voice announcements on bus stops or airports

e) a publication - Travesías review #4 – containing all the texts in both French and Croatian; artist's book, which is also a catalog.