video installation

8 TV screens, 1 video projection


I transformed text the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, one of the most translated documents in the world, into a binary code system whose basic digits are “zero” and “one”, and then I replace these with black and white squares.

The document is transformed into a visual register. The visual text display alternates quickly so that the visual analogy similar to TV static is achieved, colloquially called “snow” or “white noise”.

At last I replaced the black squares with 10 000 photographic portraits from newspapers from all over the world.

The visual “rhythm” of the Declaration becomes the image of humanity. In the same time, such progressive infection of visual data saturates the mental space and burdens the individual with heavy content; content that, as a rule, cannot even be processed.

All these are potential passive aggressors who through various channels reach the recipient and attack his living space, contaminating it.