The exhibition project "Snapshot-city" was placed in the newly erected residential building in Trnje, one of the districts of Croatia's capital, Zagreb. The project opens the area of communication.

The artistic work in the delicate space of urban metamorphoses establishes a space and time frame for interaction between those that lived there, those that are moving in, and all of us who are interested in what happens with the city and its people.

Marina Viculin, curator

(Excerpt from the exhibition expose.)

As a part of this project, I exhibited two works. The idea of establishing contact and making acquaintances, which should develop into mutual trust, underlies both of my works.


during the exhibition opening, the visitors were offered mulled wine, tea and grilled sausages: C'MON, FOLKS!

the table becomes the center of the exhibition; the place where people gather, the point of contact between the visitors

"homey", pleasant atmosphere is created

connections are established between the newly comes (future tenants of the building) and the locals, who have been living in this neighborhood for years

the investor is also inviting the buyers: C'MON, FOLKS!