2010 video, 26', 10''     video made in the manner of TV documentaries using media for self-promotion I invited people of different vocations to describe their impressions of me and my work in front of the camera participants: Božo Majstorović - Director of the Art Gallery in Split Blaženka Perica - art historian Damir Sokić - artist Marina Viculin - curator Jasmila Žbanić - director Leon Lučev - actor Dario Gregov - commander of the Zlarin Volunteer Fire Company Boris Greiner - writer the documentary reveals my great success in the art world, as well as some details from my private life, my education and childhood and my public engagement in carefully chosen words, they talk about my acting talent (I'm compared to Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando), knowledge of linguistics and literature, how I saved lives and protected property in fires.. half-truths, fabrication, exaggeration and glorification with no bases in reality - they are all presented as facts the visitor/observer is manipulated into believing that he or she is getting to know the true and undistorted image of the author as a part of the project "Photo of the Sound" of the Third Programme of the Croatian Radio (Hrvatski radio), audio version of this work was broadcasted as a radio show; the Croatian Radio co-produced it