for me, the invitation to exhibit in the Mestrović Gallery was a great honor and recognition, since Mestrovic is one of the greatest Croatian artists

in spite that, I was aware that those kinds of exhibitions, especially in the city such as Split, are only possible because of the tourist season, and that they are in fact a part of the tourist offer

although this kind of museum "activity" is quite rare in Croatia, I could not ignore the "campaign" character of the project

this situation is similar to what we experience every day

"tourism" has become a stimulus and an excuse for most of the things that happen in Split

although we like to say that we are a touristic city, we are almost always unprepared for the tourist season

construction works on the streets, on the buildings and in the public spaces are most intense during the touristic season. They create problems and cause chaotic situations, for both the tourists and the locals

in addition to this, tourism is one of the means of earning extra money- many people in Split rent their apartments and houses during summer, or host relatives and friends

those everyday situations were the initial inspiration for this exhibition

I decided to move in the Mestrović Gallery

like in a "real" moving-in, I brought wooden crates and cardboard boxes

I created the "under construction" situation: the works are just about the be finished, the exhibition is just about to be set

my message to Mestrović is that we have to "squeeze" ourselves: It is summer, and the guests have arrived!

almost all crates and boxes are sealed

I am aware of the fact that this is just temporary, that the moving-out is inevitable

the exhibition raises the question of our relation with the past and the heritage that has been entrusted to our care

for this exhibition, I made several works that directly refer to the works of Mestrović