cardboard, 192 x 198 x 284 cm


a cardboard reconstruction of a family shelter (Family Fallout Shelter- the manual for construction with detailed instructions, photos and drawings can be found on the Internet)

three situations that inspired me to create this work

situation 1:

the building of today’s Art Gallery in certain period was an orphanage

the fact that not one of its wards lived to the age of 18

situation 2:

surfing the Internet I have found advertising pages of a company producing small family fallout shelters

in the promotional material there is a picture of a mother looking at her children playing inside the latest model of the fallout shelter

situation 3:

behind my apartment building, in the lot, the neighborhood children at play, are constantly building cardboard houses, shelters when rain or wind destroys one, they start building a new one

detachment from dimensions, selection of fragile material, form and condition of work, dialogue between stories and situations, reveals nonsense ( an orphanage offering no safety... a fallout shelter as a play room and idyllic family room... a shelter which can’t withstand a puff of wind...)

the emphasis of the inability to fulfill the elementary purpose leaves some space for personal interpretation