iron, wood, 300 x 250 x 250 cm


work is completed for the exhibition which was conclusion of three-year art events on the island Zlarin held in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia

lately Zlarin, among others, received the title of Golf Car island, on an island without cars, today we have over 25 vehicles for the golf but no golf course, not even one hole

the first such vehicle were brought by a local immigrant working in the USA, for help around the field, household and other activities, to facilitate in late years

shortly after the second "American" brings his own , then the third one, fourth...

soon after the arrival of first few cars, starts the game of prestige among the standard white golf cars, are now red, gray, gold... with most modern design

golf car has become the subject of debate, taunt, comments... usually no one is indifferent to a subject

for the exhibition I have create an object that by its form is reminiscent the golf car

object is made in the manner of arbour, bench

after the exhibition the work is set in Zlarin within the children's playground, with swings and slides as yet another device for playing and games to hot watches

all the above served as a pretext review the situation, context, meaning and understanding

in spite its form (it is obvious this is installation, sculpture) work presented at the prestigious gallery remains unclear if the visitor does not understand the context of which the work was based, equally as for citizens of Zlarin are incomprehensible artistic interventions that occur every summer