plaster panels, wood, sound, light


coming back from the residence in New York, I had a solo exhibition as a winner of Radoslav Putar award

the exhibition is supposed to reflect the New York experience

I have built the corridor within the exhibition space that lead to the storage of the gallery

I have left all of the objects in the storage as they were, without any intervention or changing the setting

I have built the wooden ceiling through which light could be seen, and sound could be heard

the sound was recorded during one of the high-brow exhibition openings in New York

creation of false spectacle and high expectations eventually leads the visitor to the unrepresentative setting of the storage, where he/she is left to him/herself

personal and social position is stressed here, that includes irony

the work deals with relations within art, the question of center and province, of inherent and imposed mystification and glorification of the center

after spending two months in such a center, coming back to reality can be seen as a failure, but at the same time as relief because everything is where it should be